Pavel Te

7 декабря 2016

The shareholder of Capital Group Pavel Te will invest 30 bln. roubles into the construction of the new project on the Gold Island

The project stipulates the elite apartments and world-level top-range hotel. 30 bln.roubles will make the investments into the project on reconstruction and restoration of architectural monuments, investments into the new construction and finishing of the new premium residential complex, which construction is begun by Capital Group on the first site of Sofiyskaya embankment.

The project stipulates the construction of 139 flats (not the apartments), which will be sold with the already-made world-level finishing. As well as it is planned that the complex will have the hotel for 60 rooms, which will be located in the restored and reconstructed historical detached houses situated along Sofiyskaya embankment with the direct views to the Kremlin.

At present the negotiations are held with the international network of top-range hotels Mandarin Oriental in relation to management by this hotel. In case of achievement of agreements, Mandarin Oriental will manage not only the hotel, but the whole residential complex, and will provide service for all owners of the flats. It will be the first precedent in Moscow, when the hotel manages the whole residential complex. The similar practice exists in the world (in particular, in one of Trump Towers in New-York). The accommodation under management of premium international hotel network is highly appreciated by the owners of the residences and gives the high status and the essential competitive advantage to the flats in such complexes.

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