Pavel Te

7 декабря 2016

The shareholder of Capital Group Pavel Te introduces the project financing model new for the Russian housing development market

Pavel Te stated in his interview to “Vedomosti” that his objective is to reduce the company’s credits to zero and to pass fully to the new financing model, the basis of which is attraction of the financial partners into the projects. In his opinion, all existing financing schemes, existing at the present-day market and stipulating the rate of 14-16% annually, bear the high risks for developer and do not work on the current market.

The financial strategy which was tried out on the range of personal projects of Pavel Te – attraction of partners – proved its efficiency and has the unlimited potential. “The safety factor given by it is infinity, I can arbitrarily long be on the zero mark. It means that even in case of zero cash flow you may construct arbitrarily long and not depend on these inflows – in contrast to the other real estate developers working under the old scheme,” – he underlined in the interview to “Vedomosti” newspaper.

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