Pavel Te

16 февраля 2017

CG announced the annual results and plans for 2017

Following the results of the year 2016 Capital Group increased its volume of sales more than 2 times against the year 2015. The aggregate of realized areas in 2016 is 77,3 thousand sq. m., in contrast with the aggregate of realized areas in 2015, which totaled 34,3 thousand sq.m. Total amount of contracts concluded in 2016 is more than 22 billion rubles.

As of today there are 7,8 mln. sq.m. of realized objects and objects in construction and design in the company’s portfolio. 3,3 sq.m. out of them are at the stage of construction and design, including: – in the active phase of construction: hotel complex at Novy Arbat 15, residential complex “Pozitiv” in Rumyantsevo, residential complex “Mir Mitino”, the quarter of residential towers at Shmitovsky proezd 39, the biggest parking in Moskva-City for 3400 places in the territory of the “OKO” tower and Residential Complex “Litsa”.

- At the stage of construction preparation: complex of premium class residential towers Capital Towers at Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, premium residential complex “Zolotoi Ostrov” at Sofiiskaya embankment, premium class residential complex at Kutuzovsky 12. The company will start the active phase of construction of these objects in 2017.

- There several objects at the stage of design, with the signature objects among them– residential complex “Zolotoi Ostrov-2” at Sofiiskaya embankment and multifunction complex in the territory of the Badaevsky factory at Tarasa Shevchenko embankment. The start of construction of these objects is planned for 2018.

There are objects of residential and commercial real estate in the package of the perspective projects with total area of 500 thousand sq.m. In the framework of implementation of the long-term development strategy of the company viewing of new sites is carried out, and the most perspective of them will be considered for purchase for future projects of the company.

Total volume of investments to the company’s project, realized in 2016, amounted to 12 billion rubles. In 2017 it’s planned to increase the volume of investments up to 24 billion rubles. The company’s financial strategy for attraction of partners to projects and diversification of such projects allowed the company to increase the volume of sales in the stagnating market and to plan increase of investments in projects in the company’s portfolio. “OKO”, “Litsa”, “Mir Mitino” and residential complex “Pozitiv” demonstrated the greatest dynamics of sales in 2016 – according to the Director General of Capital Group Valentina Stanovova.

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