Pavel Te

14 ноября 2016

Pavel Te was elected the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Capital Group

On 14 November, 2016 Pavel Te was elected the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Capital Group.

In his new capacity, Pavel Te will be responsible for strategic development, formation of portfolio of prospect sites under the future projects of the company, relations with the strategic partners, as well as to implement the representative function in the governmental authorities on federal and capital level.

“The company has the task to work out and to implement the development strategy in the current economic situation and in the low-market conditions. Over the last two years we have been actively invested in prospective sites and we are intended to form the pool of sites for further development of the company minimum for the next 10 years. As well as it is necessary to work out and to perform the complex of measures allowing in the current economic conditions to guarantee the consistently high quality of construction proper to Capital Group, both during performance of the own projects and the projects with the strategic partners”, – declared Pavel Te.

He noted that the high-priority task of the company is the focus on three strategic sites. The first task is the high-end complex on Sofiyskaya embankment opposite the Kremlin, the project includes restoration of the historical detached house and the new construction. The second task is three skyscrapers on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment which are planned to build in the time record-breaking for high-rise construction. The third task is the large-scale project of premium-class on Tarasa Shevchenko embankment in the territory of Badaevskiy brewing plant, which includes both the reconstruction and the new construction.

For reference:
Pavel Tio is the shareholder, co-owner of Capital Group holding.
He was born on 20 May, 1963 in Tashkent. Korean.
His paternal grandfather is Ho Men Hi, the Korean poet and writer, known as “Korean Mayakovskiy”, moved in the USSR in 1920-ieth. In 1938 he was shoot down by the People’s Commissariat for the Internal Affairs on impeachment for espionage in favour of Japan,
In 1985 Pavel Tio graduated from the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute named after Beruni in the specialty “Thermal Electric Power Stations”. After graduation from the institute he worked as a Heat Power Industry Engineer of “Uzbekhydroproject”. In the early 1990-ieth he dealt with trading. He has been the shareholder, the co-cower of Capital Group holding since 1994.
He has six children.
The portfolio of Capital Group contains more than 70 implemented, under-construction and designed objects with the total area of more than 7 million square meters. Beginning from 2015, Capital Group actively invests into the new sites for future construction accruing the portfolio of prospect projects – the total area of the prospect projects in 2016 makes 2,5 mln. square meters.
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